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Technology Insurance

At Anderson Ashcroft, we are able to arrange specialist insurance solutions which are able to adapt and change as quickly as technology itself.

People need Technology Insurance to protect their investments in electronic devices, data, and networks. Technology insurance provides coverage against a wide range of risks such as cyber attacks, equipment breakdowns, data breaches, theft, and accidental damage to electronic devices, which can cause significant financial losses.

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Tech Sector Risks

We can provide cover for Cyber Liability Risks as well as Professional Indemnity cover that is specific to the technology sector. Nine out of ten claims in the technology sector relate to contract issues which in our experience most standard policies do not cover. We are able to provide contractual cover as part of a Specialist Technology, Professional Indemnity cover which is vital if you operate in this sector.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide a free, no obligation consultation to establish your requirements and discuss how we can assist with a suitable and cost effective solution.

Streamline your insurance

We can arrange multiple insurance policies to have a common renewal day - meaning you don't have to remember what is insured, and who it is insured with. Manage all your insurance with one easy renewal date, and one set of contact details!