Protecting businesses who provide a service or advice.

Solicitors; Accountants; Advertising, Marketing & Communications Consultants; Surveyors; Property Managers; Estate Agents; Management consultants; Financial Advisors and those in the IT industries will strongly benefit from Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection against claims for financial loss, injury or damage sustained by a third party, allegedly as a result of your negligence, error or omission. Professional Indemnity Insurance will also provide you with additional cover for legal costs incurred to defend your position.

Many Professional Indemnity policies are generic across all professions, however at Anderson Ashcroft, we will endeavour to recommend a Professional Indemnity policy that is specific to your area of expertise which often covers risks unique to your profession.

We can also provide you with help and guidance on other insurance covers often required by Professionals, such as Office Insurance and Management Liability Insurances.